Services to Writers


Bob Brinsmead, one of the partners in Irenic Publications is an experienced writer, a published author and essayist. For a number of years he also served as editor of an international journal.

Some prospective clients may have a life-story to tell, and may need assistance to tell that story in the most interesting and appealing way. Featured on this website, for instance, is Laugh and Tough it Out, the life story of Dr. Sam Underwood, a Malaysian Tamil. It illustrates the kind of life-story we could help structure for a client who wanted to leave an account of his/her life, if only for the benefit of the client’s posterity.


Other Services

  • We publish books , papers and articles in the interests of promoting human enlightenment and the improvement of the human condition. Our publishing interest includes biography, ecology, philosophy/theology, horticulture, health, travel, children’s stories and anything else that contributes to a better understanding of what it means to be truly human. Some of our larger publications are for sale; most of the articles will be available online for free.
  • Irenic Publications is open to consider publishing, on the basis of merit, any manuscript or paper that may be submitted to us. The range of publishing options include printed books, ebooks or free online articles.
  • Irenic Publications offers Desktop Publishing services for those who want a simple and direct route to publish their papers.
  • Irenic Publications will not only publish articles about the health benefits of fruits and plants, but will offer a range of plant products for sale online. One of the partners of Irenic Publications (Bob Brinsmead) has had 40 years of professional horticultural experience in developing a botanical garden with one of the world’s largest collection of exotic and indigenous fruits ( Bob and Irene have combined this vast experience in tropical fruit horticulture with input from professionals in the health and food-processing industry to develop a range of “healing leaves” and foods super-charged with beneficial phyto-nutrients. These include a range of “healing leaves” and a super-digestive aid made from fermented green papaya. Watch this space.