Welcome to Irenic Publications

Irenic Publications  is a niche publisher of books, papers and articles about ecology, horticulture, health, philosophy/theology, biography, travel and anything else of genuine human interest.

As the adjectival form of Irene,  the goddess of peace in Greek mythology, irenic  means peaceful.

The backdrop for Irenic Publications in the masthead above is Mount Warning, the first piece of Australia to catch the rays of the rising sun.

We invite the visitor to our website to click on a category of interest whether that is biography, ecology, horticulture, health or theology.  This is a new website and some of the sections are still in process of construction.

We welcome feedback and discussion from our readers on any of the books and papers which are either for sale or free. We only request that all such comments respect the irenic spirit and aims of the publisher.

Just off the press!!!

Meet the author Wes Allen